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«Alpenländische Jagdrechtstagung» is an academic forum focussing on hunting regulations. In light of the topographical aspects of hunting regulations, it concentrates on the Alpine regions of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

The conference takes place for the second time from April 22nd to April 23rd  2021 in Vienna (Austria). This year’s conference focuses on the current tasks and challenges of contemporary hunting legislation in Alpine regions with regard to the securing of habitats. The conference will be of interest to those with a professional and/or scientific interest in hunting regulations as well as related legal fields (authority members, legal scholars, legal advisors of regional hunting associations).

 The «Alpenländische Jagdrechtstagung» was founded by Kathrin Bayer (DDr., attorney at law in Austria) and Klemens Jansen (Dr.). It is organized by «Alpenländische Jagdrechtstagung e. V.», a reg. association under Liechtenstein law.